Through the Desk of Legal Bill from the day’s President Biden’s Inauguration

Through the Desk of Legal Bill from the day’s President Biden’s Inauguration

Today’s inauguration represents a chance for several visitors to reconnect aided by the natural sense of pride and purpose that accompany being your many self that is authentic.

When Trump ended up being elected in 2016, we seemed out of the workplace of a lot of money 50 law practice and thought to myself: “It’s time and energy to get to work.” Four years back regarding the time that Trump had been inaugurated, I happened to be interviewing at Grindr to be their inhouse that is first counsel. The community, and the country working as a team to ensure that Grindr’s user data remains safe and secure in the United States since that time, I’ve had the honor of serving as Security Director under the National Security Agreement with the United States of America, representing the company.

Today’s inauguration represents the opportunity for all people, aside from social class, racial beginning, intercourse, or sex, to reimagine the natural sense of pride and function that accompany being your many self that is authentic. It stays my honor to be an integral part of a supremely talented and experienced group working tirelessly to ensure Grindr can understand its next chapters of success in supplying a platform where in actuality the LGBTQ+ that is global can link and flourish.

May we all stay linked, working and thriving together.

Bill Shafton, VP, Company & Legal Affairs LinkedIn

An Email on Grindr’s Policies Regarding Politics and Banning

We wished to set the record right (no pun meant) about Grindr’s policies with regards to politics on our platform.

On the weekend, within the aftermath of President Trump getting blocked on both Twitter and Twitter, the #grindr hashtag was trending because of several welltimed parody articles about both Trump and Lindsey Graham getting prohibited from Grindr.

We think this is a good time to set the record straight (no pun intended) about Grindr’s policies when it comes to politics and banning while they were hilarious.

First, we’re perhaps perhaps not alert to either Trump or Graham having a Grindr profile. It’s surely on the downlow if they do.

2nd, our Community Guidelines state that individuals want you become your self and express your self easily on Grindr, although not at the cost of another person. We welcome free speech, and observe that political preferences may be critical to locating a suitable match. Because of this reason, we don’t ban on political affiliation alone. Our users are free to state they are conservative Republicans or Trump supporters when they like, in the same way they’ve been able to state they are liberal Democrats.

But, white supremacists and violent insurrectionists aren’t welcome on Grindr. That goes beyond politics as always. Grindr doesn’t have threshold for hate message or physical violence of every type or type, and certainly will permanently ban any user this is certainly discovered become participating in or motivating that form of behavior, politician or otherwise not. Therefore if Trump or Graham do like to create Grindr reports, they better be on the behavior that is best.

Alice Hunsberger, Sr. Director, Customer Experience LinkedIn

A change on Yesterday’s Ban Bug (Resolved)

Yesterday’s ban bug happens to be settled.

filipinocupid stronka

On Tuesday, December 29th at roughly PST that is 3:30pm experienced a bug with your moderation systems. These systems had been made to fight spam, but unfortunately this event resulted into the banning that is unintentional of Grindr users during a 17minute screen of the time. The matter had been detected and rectified within those 17 minutes and all sorts of affected users were completely unbanned within 2 hours.

We apologize for almost any confusion or inconvenience this caused. We’re earnestly attempting to make sure this doesn’t take place again and then we are dedicated to constantly increasing our moderation systems in 2021.

The Grindr team desires that you joyous christmas!

Alice Hunsberger, Sr. Director, Customer Enjoy LinkedIn

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